Are you both intrigued and terrified to make your Self-Portrait?

Hi love!

Making self-portraits is an amazing experience of self-discovery growth…and it can also be terrifying! The self-portrait goes beyond the skin and bones and embraces the essence and energy…we get to see beyond our own surface…

In this short video I take you through some of the questions of identity we ask and some of my own rich discoveries in using self-portraits as a way to explore “who am I really?”
I hope it inspires you!


P.S. Here is the link to the Magical Mandala Self-Portrait Class I talk about in the video. I would LOVE to have you join me — explore your own interior and exterior and find your essence!

About Your Host – Kari Van Tine

Kari Van Tine is a healer, visionary, artist, trail-blazer, and coach dedicated to helping people become more conscious and awake, in tune with nature, and in alignment with their deep callings and creativity.

She grew up off the grid, in a log cabin in the woods in rural Maine, and spends long periods of time immersed in nature every year. She maintains a mystical and intimate relationship with the natural world and communes with deep layers of nature consciousness.

Kari is committed to supporting the health of the planet. She acts as an intermediary, connecting forms of nature consciousness with conventional human consciousness. She travels the world with light feet – connecting intimately with local people and the natural world. Among her recent explorations: hiking in the Himalayas, diving in Indonesia, meditating in Burmese monasteries.

She is also a professional visual artist and dancer.

Based in Maine and Hawaii, Kari works with clients all over the world.

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