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Our Featured Guest is Divina del-Sol

Divina del-Sol

Divina is a deeply trusted confidant, advisor, coach and mentor to individuals and families from all over the world. Her clients come from all walks of life, and remain treasured connections long after their initial work has concluded.

She has an 18 year history as a business owner in the real-estate, and residential property management field, and a 30 year history in the fields of spiritual studies, coaching, and various healing arts.

Divina supports others in their personal journey of transformation – to uncover, embrace, and integrate the many brilliant and miraculous facets of their deep core essence, and to transmute any old wounds or dis-owned fragments of self, and distill it all into their own unique healing wisdom.

Divina is passionate about practicing and sharing the joys of exploring our own consciousness and discovering the previously hidden treasures and gifts that become available as we journey to shift and evolve.


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