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Our Featured Guest is Aline Habib

Aline Habib

Aline Habib is a single mom, recovering addict, and Raw Vegan Queen, on a Mission to help others Awaken to their Divine Selves through the path of living foods, fasting, juice cleansing and sacred plant medicines. She’s been overcoming depression, suicidal behaviours, anxiety, eating disorders, CPTSD, IBS, hormonal issues and cystic acne naturally.

Aline successfully completed 3 extended juice cleanses, a 23 day water fast and many sacred ceremonies to heal herself and connect deeper to God. She is committed to lovingly and passionately sharing the joys of this lifestyle with others!

Aline hosts a very unique online support community, Kings and Queens of Raw. She offers private coaching for those ready to uplevel their life, transition to living foods, and juice cleanse. Aline is a hotelier by trade and currently in the process of creating a holistic healing center and self-sustaining community in Belize!


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