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Our Featured Guest is Alila Grace

Alila Grace

Alila Rose Grace is an international speaker and writer, inspiring women from all over the globe to claim their sovereign sexuality, heal through trauma and become body-literate.

Alila is the founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup and V-steam Academy, is a holistic pleasure, period and wellness coach. She encourages the awakening of your souls mission, through the translation of your innate body’s wisdom.

Alila has studied with a wide range of masters and leaders while globetrotting. All of her teachings have been alchemized through her to bring you the most cutting edge, soulful experience. Alila blends her embodiment of Shakti (Divine Feminine) awakening and relentless optimism with modern modalities of holistic wellness, pleasure practices, neuroscience and somatic embodiment. She has a profound ability to weave the ancient with the present moment.


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