I want to thank each of you and our gifted speakers

for sharing this deeply inspiring

time together, and for the collective growth

and vision that has blossomed here.

Love, Kari

Meet Our Retreat Guest Speakers

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Austyn Wells

Touching the Elephant!

Nura Rachelle

Free Will or Destiny?

Jon Young

Nature as Teacher

Claire Dunn

Rewilding the Urban Soul

Dallisa Hocking

What Did You Come Here to Create?

Linda Fitch

Ancestral Healing

Stacè Middlebrooks

Difference and Belonging

Mangala Holland

Reclaim Your Authentic Sexy

Alicia Grayson

Embodying Essence through Movement

Ken Page

Deeper Dating and Lasting Love

Susun S. Weed

Feeling Good in Menopause

Jaime Goldstein

Harnessing the Potency of this Time

Dr. Tom Garcia

Guided by the Fire

Sacha Sterling

Recreating Yourself with Integrity

Lee Trew


Cayelin K Castell

We inform the Mysteries

Mischa Schuler

Listening to the Plants for Healing

Carol Briskin

Freeing Your Life Force

Divina del-Sol

Life as a Treasure Hunt!

Mark Anthony Lord

Redefining Spirituality and God

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Cosmic Conversations

Alila Grace

Increase Your Pleasure

Kendra Woods

Your Human Design

Sky Otter

The Earth is Talking

Aline Habib

Queen of Raw

Leslie Cohen-Rubury

Embracing Yes!

Johanna Walker

Choosing Our Stories

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