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Our Featured Guest is Claire Dunn

Claire Dunn

Claire Dunn is a writer, speaker, barefoot explorer, rewilding facilitator and founder of Nature’s Apprentice based in Melbourne. Claire is passionate about rewilding our inner and outer landscapes and believes that a reclaiming of our ecological selves is a key to rewilding our planet.

For the last 15 years, Claire has been facilitating individuals to dive deeply into the mysteries of nature and psyche through the pathways of deep nature connection, earth skills, soulcentric nature-based practices, expanded states of awareness, village building, dance, ceremony and contemporary wilderness rites-of-passage.

Claire is the author of memoir My Year Without Matches, which tells the story of her year living wild. Her soon to be released memoir Rewilding the Urban Soul explores how to embody a wild consciousness within a modern city context.




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